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Crawlspace Structural Repairs

Crawlspace Structural Repairs in Central Indiana | A+ Restoration

Don’t let your crawlspace succumb to water damage and structural failure. At A+ Restoration, we offer a full range of crawlspace repair and reconstruction services in the greater Indianapolis Metro area. Whether you’re dealing with wood root, sinking subfloors, or tree root intrusion, A+ Restoration can help. We provide free on-site inspections and estimates so give us a call at (317) 676-5561 to schedule an appointment today. Crawlspaces are some of the most neglected and overlooked parts of a home. They are often ignored and rarely inspected because they are hidden from plain sight. However, you might be surprised to learn how rapidly their condition can go from normal to dire. Many times, homeowners are not made aware of their crawlspace’s true condition until it is far too late. Wood rot, water damage, and structural failure are all very real possibilities in a neglected crawlspace, which is why A+ Restoration is here to help you avoid them.

What are the Most Common Types of Structural Damage in Crawlspaces?

For over 37 years, A+ Restoration has seen and worked on just about every crawlspace problem imaginable. However, certain issues tend to recur more often than not. Here are some of the most common crawlspace problems we see in Indiana homes:

Wood Rot

This is one of the most common types of structural damage in neglected crawlspaces. It happens when wood becomes water-logged, rots, and falls apart. Wood rot can affect any wood-based component of your crawlspace, including joists, beams, and walls. Water intrusion is one of the most common causes of wood rot, which is why it is vital that you routinely inspect your crawlspace–especially after periods of heavy rainfall.

Sinking Subfloors

Sinking sub-floors can be caused by any number of factors, ranging from excessive moisture to soil settlement. It will gradually eat away at your crawlspace’s structural integrity, which can result in unsightly cracks and other damage that need immediate attention. The joists, piers, and other crawlspace components don’t fare much better either. They will eventually become more and more misaligned until they fail and collapse.

Sagging Beams and Buckling Columns

Most crawlspaces have a few large, supporting beams and columns that hold and carry the weight of the entire structure. Sagging beams and buckling columns are commonly caused by structural instability, soil erosion, or inadequate support. They will create an uneven foundation that can cause your crawlspace walls and floors to shift and sag. These are serious structural problems that must be corrected as soon as possible.

Structural Damage Repair Options for Crawlspaces

At A+ Restoration, we use a variety of different techniques to repair and reconstruct damaged crawlspaces. We use a combination of any of the following methods, depending on the severity of the structural damage:

Reinforcing Structural Components

If the damage is relatively minimal, we may be able to reinforce the affected beams and columns with steel bracing or heavy-duty jack posts. This is a less invasive method that will add strength and stability to your crawlspace without having to replace any of the beams or joists.

Subfloor Repair and Replacement

Sometimes, subfloor damage can be repaired rather than replaced. We can inject foam insulation below ground to restore its structural integrity and keep it from sagging or shifting in the future. In severe cases, we can replace the entire subfloor using pressure-treated lumber that is built to withstand the weight of your crawlspace.

Footing and Pier Repairs

When piers begin to shift and crack, they need to be replaced or reinforced as soon as possible. We recommend removing the old piers and installing new ones that are built with stronger materials such as concrete or steel. This will help maintain the structural integrity of your crawlspace for years to come.

Wood Replacement

We will carefully remove beams, joists, and other wood-based components that are too damaged to be repaired and replace them with high-quality lumber. We partner with some of the best timber suppliers in Indiana to ensure that we use the highest-quality materials to restore your crawlspace.

A+ Restoration Can Fix All Your Crawlspace Problems

A+ Restoration is the leading IICRC-certified crawlspace repair company in the greater Indianapolis Metro area. We have been repairing and restoring crawlspaces for more than 37 years and we have the knowledge and expertise needed to get the job done right, on time, and within your budget. If you’re experiencing any of the problems we described above, give us a call at (317) 676-5561 to schedule your free crawlspace structural assessment and inspection today.
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