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Crawlspace Mold Removal

Crawlspace Mold Removal Services in Central Indiana | A+ Restoration

If you suspect that your crawlspace has been infested with mold, there’s no time to waste. Call the IICRC-certified experts at A+ Restoration for professional mold remediation services in the greater Indianapolis Metro area. We will remove all traces of mold from your crawlspace to ensure your family’s safety and well-being. Contact us today at (317) 676-5561 to get started. Crawlspaces are particularly vulnerable to excessive moisture and high humidity levels. Because they are dark, damp, and poorly ventilated, they’re notorious for creating an environment where mold and mildew can thrive, causing damage to your home’s insulation, walls, floors, interior furnishings – pretty much everywhere. The last thing you want to do is ignore a crawlspace mold problem because it can seriously compromise your family’s health and cause structural damage that can be costly to repair.

What Causes Crawlspace Mold Infestations?

Many factors contribute to the likelihood of mold infestation in your crawlspace. Here are some of the most common causes of mold growth in crawlspaces:

High Humidity Levels

One of the main reasons why crawlspaces are susceptible to mold infestation is that most of them have dirt floors and poor ventilation, making them perpetually dark and damp. The more humidity there is inside your crawlspace, the more likely it will serve as a breeding ground for mold spores.

Broken Pipes

Even the smallest leak can seep into your crawlspace and cause extensive damage if not addressed quickly. Defective pipes are usually the culprits, bursting due to freezing temperatures or old age. These leaks drip water into your crawlspace and increase the humidity levels inside, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold growth.

Improper Drainage

Leaky gutters or downspouts are some of the most common causes of water damage in crawlspaces. If they aren’t properly redirected away from your home, rainwater can seep into your crawlspace and cause standing water to accumulate on the floor. This makes it easier for mold growth to take root.

What Are the Common Types of Mold That Can Be Found on Crawlspaces in Central Indiana?

Different species of mold thrive and grow in different environments. To keep your family safe and minimize the damage to your home’s structure, you should know the difference between the three most common types of mold you might find in your crawlspace.

Black Mold

Also known as Stachybotrys Atra or Stachybotrys Chartarum, black mold is a highly toxic type of fungus that can be found in your crawlspace if your home has been exposed to water damage or leaks. This particular species of mold is often referred to as toxic black mold because it emits mycotoxins directly into the air and can cause serious respiratory health problems when inhaled.

White Mold

The most common variety of mold you’ll find in your crawlspace is white mold, which feeds on cellulose-based materials found in common building products like drywall, wood, insulation, and plaster. It’s often accompanied by other species of mold because it forms colonies very quickly. While not as dangerous as black mold, white mold also causes health problems and should be taken seriously.

Yellow Mold

Yellow mold is notorious for destroying wood-based materials like lumber, plywood, and wood paneling. It is often found in crawlspaces that have been exposed to water intrusion from a leaky pipe or damaged gutter. While it is the least toxic among the three, yellow mold can cause extensive structural damage in your home if left untreated.

How Do You Get Rid of Crawlspace Mold?

You should always get rid of mold infestations in your crawlspace as quickly as possible because mold spores can seep into insulation and other building materials and spread to your entire home in no time. If left untreated, mold infestations can compromise the structural integrity of your home and cause serious respiratory diseases. The only way to completely get rid of mold in your crawlspace is by hiring an expert mold testing and remediation company like A+ Restoration. We have been in the business for decades and have handled hundreds, if not, thousands of mold remediation projects in Central Indiana.  Together with our IICRC-certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee that your mold infestation will be eradicated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, we offer an industry-leading 2-year guarantee on all of our work, which is more than any of our competitors can offer.

Contact A+ Restoration Today for Quality and Affordable Mold Removal Services in Central Indiana

If your crawlspace is infested by mold, don’t wait until it’s too late to get in touch with A+ Restoration. We have been in the industry for more than 37 years, making us one of the most trusted names when it comes to fast, efficient, and affordable mold testing and removal services in Central Indiana. Plus, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, giving our valued customers the peace of mind they deserve. Contact A+ Restoration today at (317) 676-5561 to schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our IICRC-certified mold removal experts. Our services are available 24/7, including weekends and holidays.
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