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Commercial Mold Remediation Services

Commercial Mold Remediation Services in Central Indiana | A+ Restoration

A+ Restoration offers quality and affordable mold remediation services for commercial properties in the greater Indianapolis Metro area. We have extensive experience in remediating high levels of indoor mold growth found in commercial settings such as schools, hospitals, office spaces, nursing homes, and more. If you suspect that your building is infested by mold, contact A+ Restoration at (317) 676-5561 as soon as possible.  Many business owners fail to realize the detrimental effects of mold on their commercial properties. Mold growth can pose major health risks to your customers and employees and lead to extensive property damage and substantial revenue loss. Indoor mold growth spreads very quickly and is not always visible to the naked eye, which is why it is critical to quickly detect and remediate any potential mold infestation before it’s too late.

Commercial Mold Testing and Inspection in Central Indiana

Instead of taking a “wait-and-see approach”, contact the mold remediation experts at A+ Restoration today to schedule a comprehensive mold inspection and testing on your commercial property. Our IICRC-certified experts will inspect your building for any signs of water intrusion, water damage, and mold growth. If any of these signs are detected, we will take some surface samples and send them to a certified laboratory for accurate testing. On the other hand, if there are no visible signs of an infestation but our inspectors suspect that your property may be infested by mold, we will use an air sampling test to determine the presence of mold spores in your building.

Which Areas of Your Commercial Property are Susceptible to Mold Infestation?

Knowing which areas of your building are at risk for mold infestation can help you prevent and contain potential future mold problems. If you see any trace of mold on the following locations, reach out to A+ Restoration right away:


If you have a commercial kitchen in your building, you should be inspecting it regularly for any sign of water damage and mold growth. Water leaks from faucets, defective plumbing fixtures, and faulty appliances can all lead to mold growth in your kitchen.

HVAC Equipment

Water leaks and clogs in your HVAC system can cause mold growth around ducts, coils, and drain pans. The air filters used in your HVAC system are also prone to mold contamination. When these filters are not properly maintained, mold will grow and spread throughout your HVAC system.


Basements are at high risk for mold infestation because of poor ventilation. If your building has a basement, you should schedule regular inspections of this area to ensure that there is no water damage or leaky pipes, which can lead to an indoor mold problem.


One of the most overlooked areas of your commercial property for potential mold growth is carpeting. When carpets get wet, they provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow. Dirt and grime left behind by foot traffic can also contribute to mold growth.

Neglected Surfaces

Any surface in your commercial building that is rarely cleaned properly can become a potential source of mold growth. Ceiling tiles, wood surfaces, and drywall are just some examples of porous areas that are susceptible to mold contamination.

How to Effectively Remove Mold from Your Commercial Property

No matter how small the mold infestation in your commercial building may be, you should always hire a professional mold remediation company to address the infestation safely and effectively. Even if you are confident in your ability to do the job, mold spores can spread very quickly in your building and lead to serious health problems. If you do not remove all contaminated materials and thoroughly clean every affected area, the risk of re-infestation will be very high even after you think that the mold has been fully eradicated. At A+ Restoration, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment required to remove mold infestations quickly and efficiently. We will start by using our thermal imaging camera to detect any potential areas that may be harboring mold. Then, we will use high-speed air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums to properly contain the mold throughout the entire remediation process. We will also carefully remove all contaminated materials, clean all affected surfaces, and dry your building using industrial-grade dehumidifiers. To ensure that mold does not re-infest your property, we will take air samples after the remediation process to make sure that your building is mold-free.

The Best Commercial Mold Remediation Company in Central Indiana

If you are looking for a top-rated commercial mold remediation company in Central Indiana, A+ Restoration is the only name you need to know. We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of commercial mold problems, and we are familiar with the specific requirements that apply when it comes to commercial mold remediation projects. We offer an industry-leading 2-year guarantee on all our mold remediation services, so you can rest assured that our work is done to the highest possible industry standard. Plus, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your added protection and peace of mind. Contact us today at (317) 676-5561 for a free on-site estimate. 
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